The Cheese Page

Hello, everyone! By popular demand, I'm putting up The Cheese Page.

update (19-May-2008) I have put up the Cheesy tour of Northbridge album!

The Cheese Page

Hello, and welcome to The Cheese Page. You know how people sometimes leave small, seemingly insignificant, things behind when they leave a house? Well, early in 2000 one of my housemates moved from here to find somewhere closer to the university he attends. He left behind a block of cheese.

There's a little rule in our household that states: if you didn't buy it, don't eat it. The rule doesn't mention anything about dressing it up, giving it a name, and showing it a night on the town in Northbridge...

Where's the cheese?

The Cheese can now be found in the Cheesy tour of Northbridge album!

Cheese Quotes

To keep you entertained until we provide stories and pictures of The Cheese Adventures, here are a few amusing quotes...


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